Very3 / Zoho Mail Usage

Very3 / Zoho Mail Usage

Zoho Mail is a collaborative business communication platform for the modern workforce. It is a blend of the classic email and modern collaborative tools such as comments, likes, and sharing. The new Zoho Mail Suite comprises of the following applications which are essential for every business:
  1. Email - Email, the backbone of every organization, facilitates a professional means of communication both inside and outside your organization.
  2. Calendar - Time management, events and meeting organizer. 
  3. Contacts - Contacts and Address book management, Group Address, Organization contacts. 
  4. Tasks - Effectively manage work for you and your team, Group Tasks, Subtasks. 
  5. Notes - A single place to note down your ideas/  thoughts or scribbles, add images and/or attachments.  
  6. Streams - Innovative collaboration within teams, built around email designed with provisions to like/ comment and more open interactions. 
  7. Bookmarks - Access all your important reference pages from within your mailbox.
For more info on usage and configuration, please take a look at the Getting Started with Zoho Mail guide.

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